Letter to all those grown-up presidents and leaders of the world ...

Imagine ... a last cry ...

Imagine all that silent loneliness around yourself in a late and dark night. Are you feeling, there is just nothing, ... nothing else but a murdering emptiness. Not a single light to be seen.

Imagine, while walking through that late darkness a little child dressed up with nothing more than it's innocent soul appears. A child, so innocent and looking you with it's bleeding eyes.

Imagine you suddenly remember the face of the tenderly aged child being the one child, that once lived in the neighborhood. Some years ago? Some days ago? Only some moments ago ... or even just now, in this moment?

Remember that neighborhood? Only a few steps upstairs the apartment on the other side of the corridor. There this inconspicuous couple lived with it's children?

Silent at day ... and screaming at night?!

You remember ...?

Imagine now, how the father tortured, abused, beat up his wife an his children over and over again. Destroying all of their childhood, destroying all of their souls, destroying all of their happiness.

Remember how everyone in the neighborhood whispered about that horrible screams resounding through the hole building again and again? How everyone told, how upset and disturbed he was?

Remember, nobody ever intervened?! Even that last day, when that bastard of a father slaughtered his entire family ... That day, the silence came back to the darkness of the late night!

Imagine, you're still walking through the late night on your way to anywhere and the little child is still watching at you. A child that would like to ask for some little help ...

... but a last scream is the only sound left over!

Imagine, we would enlighten in OUR world for every abused, tortured and slaughtered child a candle ...
Imagine, how the darkness on OUR world would then disappear, candle after candle ...

Imagine, how it might feel to YOU, if YOU should be one day such a candle ...

You feel it? You really feel it? Yes?

So, then now answer me one single question: Why you, just You, didn't stopped it? All over the world just now and today?! Or was YOUR childhood so betrayed and frighten?

Imagine all these innocent children all over the world, not only in countries like Kongo, Afghanistan, Mexico, ... or actually Syria ... All these cruel pictures of destroyed happiness ...

Imagine all the candles for every abused and slaughtered child ... how bright the world would be shining ... like a star ...

Text & Lyrics by LeonieC.


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